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Magic Youth Raleigh provides hands-on training and guidance in the theatrical art of magic to the Triangle’s budding young magicians. These magic classes generally meet on the First Saturday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30 PM through the kindness of United Church, 820 E. Williams St in Apex, North Carolina. Each lesson is taught by talented Triangle's magic professionals. 

The youth-oriented program, founded in 2007, has Five Primary Goals:

1. To educate young magicians on the ethics, history and skill of the international magic community.
2. To provide a safe and professional mentoring association between skilled adult and gifted youth members.
3. To promote positive self-esteem and confidence among serious young magicians.
4. To sculpt our magical youth into adults who will honor the fraternal traditions of the I.B.M.
5. To project community awareness of magic as a valued theatrical art and community service. 

JOINING - Any youth between the ages of 8 through 17 years with a serious interest in the Performance Art of Magic is welcome to join. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend each session. Guests are welcome to attend one (1) lesson with full privileges at the $35.00 per lesson rate as a “program test drive”. This fee is waived if the student joins the program. 

MAGIC STUDY SESSIONS - Lessons are managed in 6-month sessions beginning in January and July. Lesson fees are $185.00 per 6-month session. Mid-session registration is available at the full rate with "Missed Lesson" arrangements. Lesson fees include all lesson materials, books, instruction and DVDs and password-protected online video lesson refreshers. Students often receive books, magic gear and materials gifted by local magicians with value far exceeding the lesson fees.  

MISSED LESSONS - Because we order lesson materials in bulk based on the number of registered students at the start of each session, we cannot offer refunds for missed lessons during a session. Make-up sessions including each complete lesson magic kit and online video instruction are made available to students who miss a lesson.  

NATIONAL AND LOCAL YOUTH MEMBERSHIP - Magic Youth Raleigh students are eligible to join the Raleigh Magic Club, The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) and the Society of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) as Youth members. Raleigh Magic Club dues are included in your session fees. Youth members and their families are welcome to attend all club lectures and special events at a specially discounted Youth Rate. Accompanying parents that are not adult Ring members may attend free of charge as escorts. Nonmember guests and their families may attend most functions at the full Guest rate. 

IS THIS A SECRET SOCIETY? The Raleigh Magic Club and the I.B.M. and S.Y.M. are not secret societies. We believe that the Performance Art of Magic must be shared to be truly appreciated. However, like any artists' guild, we do protect the secrets of our craft. We believe that revealing a magic secret reduces a beautiful and hard-worked magic effect into a baseless puzzle with no real charm. The true joy of magic is found in its secrets.


  • Self-Confidence sees a strong boost
  • Develops creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Improves public speaking & presentation skills
  • Promotes focus on a single task
  • Immediate positive reinforcement upon accomplishing a difficult task
  • Great ice-breaker for making new friends
  • Mystify and entertain friends and family
  • Fabulous hobby that keep your mind and body active
  • Great exercises for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes
  • Builds awareness against psychological scams and frauds
  • Makes you unique among your colleagues and peers 
  • Effective medium for communicating messages of social relevance
  • Teaches and enhances the art of storytelling and acting

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HOW IS THE TYPICAL WORKSHOP RUN? Our Magic Youth members meet with experienced professional and amateur Triangle magicians to learn magic history, ethics, stagecraft, and performance theory. Students enjoy hands-on instruction of one or two effects at each lesson. Each lesson includes all materials, study notes and hands-on instruction for each effect. Instructors are always available by email through the month for questions and assistance. 

Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend and participate. Students need someone with whom to practice and evaluate new skills. A knowledgeable and supportive parent really helps. Magic Youth Raleigh maintains a strict Youth Protection code. Our Youth Protection policy is available upon request.Type your paragraph here.

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